Kuchanur Suyambu Sri Saneeswara Bhagavan Temple




The Temple is located at Kuchanoor near Chinnamanur of Theni District on the bank of main channel of River Surabhi.The Chief deity Seneeswaran in the man God and its Genesis was on it own and not created (Suyambu). In all temples Saneeswaran in either of Navagrahah or he remain in separate sannithi.

There is a temple which is meant solely for Saneeswara Bhagawan situated at Kuchanoor. The Lord is seen in swayambhu (self-appeared) form, the name of the town being derived from Kubjan, one of Shani’s names (Kubjanoor). In front of this temple the perennial river Surabi flows which carried the waters of Periyar river and Suruliyaru. There are different religious people like Hindu,Muslim are there in Kuchanur and also there is different communities people like Thevar, Pillai, Nayakar people live together in Kuchanur. There is a separate temple for guru which faces north direction so this temple is known as vadaguru temple. There is a hanuman temple in which there is a ganesh who has got five heads. There is water in the Surubi river throughout the year.

Where as in kuchanoor the Lord exists as prime deity Saneeswaran is other wise called as “Kuchanooran” King Dinakaran ruled “Kulinga” country with its capital Mainagar. His son chandravathana through astrology predicted that his father was suffering for seven and a half-years, which could be overcome by praying Lord Saneeswaran Chandravathanan ventured into forest, created Lord Saneeswaran’s image out of iron and started prayering Lord Saneeswaran. Impressed by his devotees’s prayer before him at Kuchanoor where the present temple is located

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