Prachin Shani Mandir




One of the oldest Shani Dev temple of Noida named as ancient Shiva temple (Prachin Shiv Shani Mandir) . Initially temple was dedicated to Shri Shani Manaraj, later on also added Shivlingm with all Gan.
A story about this temple is prevalent that at the place of the temple, there was a 20-foot tall mound almost 300 years ago, where the present priest’s priest Pandit Gopaldas Tiwari came.

One night, Shanti appeared in Pandit Gopaldas in a dream and said that one of his statues was buried in that mound. Shanidev ordered Pandit Gopaldas to take out the statue by digging the mound and digging the mound. When Pandit Gopaldas told him that he was unable to do this work due to being blind, Shani said, ‘open your eyes, now you will be able to see everything.’

When the eyes opened, Pandit Gopaldas found that his blindness had gone away and he could see everything clearly. After receiving the vision, Panditji started digging the mound. Because of their eyesight, other people were convinced of their dream and they began to help them in digging.
The dignity of Panditji proved to be true when digging the whole mound and out of it a statue of Shani Dev came out. It was taken out and established. This statue is established in this temple today. The story of another miracle of this statue is famous. It is said that the statue of Shani Dev was presently in place of the statue of Lord Rama set up in the temple.

This statue automatically changed its location to its current location on a Saturni New Moon . Since then, worship of Shani Dev is happening in the same place and it has become the center of the ancient faith of devotees.

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