Savitri Mata Temple



The Savitri temple in Pushkar is located on the Ratnagiri hill which is a popular pilgrimage site for the Hindus. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Savitri.  the highest on the southwest which houses the Goddess Savitri, the estranged wife of Brahma.  Savitri temple is located at a great hill temple . There are 2 ways to get there steps or roapway . The steps are very steep and the roapway is a better method but not for the weak hearted . The savitri hill is around 750 feet elevated by near by surrounding. Pilgrimage to savitri hill is 1.5Kms. It is strenuous and hard. It is believed that harder one tries, the more tapas (heat generated by penance) is gained.

When Brahma performed yajna at Pushkar, due to some reasons Savitri could not reach the site of yajna at right time. Then Brahma performed yajna accompanied by a local girl, Gayatri – who become second wife of Brahma. This annoyed the first wife Savitri and she went to the hilltop. Then the agreement was made Savitri will always be worshiped first and then Gayatri. Tradition still continues – first arti is performed at Savitri temple and then at Gayatri temple. The idols of both Savitri and Gayatri are now installed at the savitri temple. Though the idols of Savitri supposedly dated back to the 7th century AD, the Bangar family built the temple itself in the early 20th hari makar bikaner.

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