Padaleeswarar Temple




Pataleeswarar Temple, Cuddalore is a Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva in the town of Cuddalore. It was constructed during the Pallava and Medieval Chola periods. The Saivite saint Appar is believed to have adopted Saivism at this temple.

There is a belief/myth that by worshiping this God single time is equal to 16 times worshiping the Shiva in Kasi, 8 times in Thiruvannamalai and 3 times in Chidambaram.

Thirupathiripuliyur in Cuddalore is one of the ancient temples in Tamil Nadu. It is named after the Pathiri Tree and the Puliyur, a tiger-legged saint who obtained absolution in the area.

Devaara Thiruthalam is a show on Peppers TV that features Shiva temples that have been mentioned in the Thirumurai, ancient Tamil poetry written by the Shaivite Saints.

The temple is constructed in Dravidian style of architecture. It is classified as Gnazhar Kovil, where the image of the presiding deity is set up under Gnazhar trees. Trees like Kondai, Kongu and Theekku (teak) all fall in the category. The temples constructed in wood made from Gnazhar trees are also classified as Gnzhar Koil. Literary evidence is found in the works of Tirugnanasambandar, who refers the temple as Gnazhar Koil.

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