Vizianagaram Gnana Saraswathi Temple



Saraswathi Temple Temples in Vizianagaram. Saraswathi Temple is known to be one of the religious shrines Vizianagaram in Andhra Pradesh.

The temple is famous for Aksharabhyasam – initiation of children into the world of learning and letters. The temple is around 2 KM from Vizianagaram Railway Station and Bus Station. Sri Gnana Saraswati temple which was established near Ring Road in 2006 has become famous within North Andhra and Godavari districts.

Sri Gnana Saraswati temple on the occasion of Vasanta Panchami on February 4. Vasanta panchami festival. Every year during Vasant Panchami and Navarati thousands of children are initiated into the world of knowledge and learning at the temple.

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