Chikka Madhure Shani Mahatma Temple




Sri Shanimahathma temple is located a few kilometers away from Bangalore city near Nelamangala town. It is a temple dedicated to Lord Shanishwara, one of the planets in Hindu Astrology. Shani or Shanishwara is one of the nine planets in Hindu astrology. Shanishwara is an embodiment of Saturn. He is the son of Suryadeva and his second wife is Chaya Devi Suvarna. Shani deva respected Lord Shiva as his guru(teacher) as per the stories in Scanda Poorana in Hindu mythology of Kashi Khanda. Shani deva is supposed to be the seventh place among the nine planets, but has the greatest gravitational pull as compared to the earth. Hence the influence of Saturn is the most in a person’s natal chart. In case of astrology, the influence of Shani Deva is considered a bad influence.

The annual festivals in which an idol of Shanishwara is taken out on a procession on a chariot attract a lot of devotees. People come to this temple to pray to Lord Shanimahayhma and to offer Ellu Batti – black sesame seeds tied up in a piece of cloth and soaked in gingelly oil. This offering is believed to please Lord Shanishwara.

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