Mithrananthapuram Trimurti Temple



The Mithrananthapuram Trimurti Temple is a temple complex in Kerala, India. Mithrananthapuram Thrimoorthy Temple is a temple in Kerala where devotees can worship all the Trimurtis. Temple is located on the western side of Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram.

Lord Siva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma as primary deities of the complex. Lord Brahma is in a sitting posture and Lord Vishnu is in a standing posture. All deities are facing east. Lord Ganesh, Nagaraja as sub deities.

No authentic records are there to know the origin and antiquity of the temple. Previously this temple was a subsidiary unit of Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple. The administrators of Travancore kingdom used to worship in the temple before they took important decision. According to Syanandura Purana, the temple was constructed in the year 1168 A.D. Historical records show that the temple was renovated in the year 1196 A.D. and some land was submitted to the deities in 1344 AD. The temple was again renovated in the year 1748 by Maharaja Marthanda Varma. Earlier, the temple was under the control of Ettara Yogam. Now temple administration is vested with the Travancore Devaswom Board. From the very beginning, the administration of this temple was jointly supervised by the Travancore and the Cochin kings.

Legend says that Villwamangalath Swamiyar consecrated the idols of the temple. It is also believed that the Trimurtis conducted a great fire yajna here, to the Sun God, Mithra, thus the complex is known as Mithrananthapuram, ‘the town which gave happiness to the Sun.

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