Yedeshwari Mandir




Yedeshwari mata mandir is Devi temple located at Yermala, Maharashtra.Yermala is an agricultural village. It is located in Kalam Tahsil, on the road from Barsi. Occupying the crest of a hillock that is nearly two kilometres to the south of the village the Yedesvari temple is found. The temple is also known as Yedai and is dedicated to Goddess Parvati. The temple is atop a hill. It has 200 stairs that one must climb to reach the temple. It is near the Tuljabhavani temple.
In this temple, the architecture is of the Hemadpanti style. It has two entrance doors, in front of the principal one of which are three dipmals or lamp pillars, the central one being a little taller than the flanking ones. Supported on two rows of solid pillars, the mandap has two rooms at one end of it, with the vestibule at the other end. The vestibule contains an idol of the goddess with a brass prabhaval around and a small linga symbol nearby. Legend has it that once, during Rama’s search for Sita, Parvati, despite Shankar’s advice to the contrary, appeared before Rama as Sita with the intention of pleasing him. But recognizing her, Rama said “Tu ka Ayi (why, you mother?) Parvati did not give up her efforts and appeared a second time when Rama said “tu yedai” and hence the temple established here came to be called as Yedai or Yedesvari. In honour of this goddess fairs are held on Caitra Suddha Paurnima and Sravan Paurnima. At the time of the first one of these nearly 80,000 people gather and on the second occasion nearly 15,000. People also gather on the Simolanghan day.

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