Villupuram Swarnapureeswarar Temple




Sri SwarnaPureeswarar Temple is located in the village of Azhagaputhur, Krishnapuram – 612401, Kumbakonam, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India. It dates back to the 10th century. The temple is dedicated to Shiva.

Due to its age, the history of the temple is not fully known. It is said that Shiva Lingas being looked into through holes are of Fire nature. The devotee cannot have that power of the body or soul to see the Lord directly. It is believed that worshipping through wall holes gives the devotee the strength and power to do his/her prayers.

The Navagraha Yantra – a disc in which the powers of the planets are collectively embodied – is installed under the feet of the presiding deity Lord Swarnapureeswarar. There is also a Nandhi Mandap. A five-minute prayer in the temple is believed to be equal to prayers of years. Those suffering from breathing and stomach troubles pray to Sun on the first day of Adi falling in July and on the first day of Thai falling mostly on January 14, offering orange coloured clothes and wheat preparations as Dhan. This is a suitable place for performing tarpan and ceremonies for ancestors also.

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