Sri Akilandeswari Ambal temple




Karuvalarchery is home to one of the most important temples of the Agasthyar Siddha Lineage – the Agasthyar Guru Paduka Shakti Temple of Mother Sri Akilandeshwari and Lord Agastheeshwara Shiva.

The hidden meaning of Karuvalarchery given by Sathguru Venkataraman is that it is Guru (Bhakthi) valarchery – the sacred spot which helps with the growth of Guru Bhakthi (devotion to the True Guru) in us.

It is this Agasthyar Guru Paduka Shakti Temple that gives spiritual aspirants this most important blessing of development of Guru Bhakthi. Since the immense spiritual power of Maha Guru Agasthyar’s Guru Paduka Shakti pervades this place, it gives forth that rarest of blessings – Guru Bhakthi – on spiritual aspirants.
From the main entrance, Shiva shrine is visible straight ahead and to the right, Akilandeshwari shrine is present. Chandra theertham, the temple pond is just outside the temple.

gasthyar sage worshipped the God and Goddess here along with his wife Lopa Mudraa. Hence the god is called Agastheeshwara. Mother Sri Akilandeshwari here is known as ‘ Karu Valarkkum Nayagi’. The goddess in this temple gives the blessing to the growth of the foetus.

The Goddess is formed by self, and it is in the form of Puttru (snake mound), which is powerful. There is no abhishekam (anointment) performed for the goddess, only oil abhishekam (anointment) is performed. The Goddess is covered with a cloth up to the face and only face is visible. The rest is said to be the snake mound. On regular days one can see the GoddessÂ’ face only. The full form can be seen only on Shivarathri day and Navarathri (9 days) in a year. Those who pray for child go to this temple. The prayer is cleaning the steps with pure ghee and drawing a kolam (pattern on floor) and praying the goddess.
Couples who want children after praying to the goddess must clean steps to the sannidhi with Ghee and then draw a Kolam with rice flour, and then highlight it with Turmeric and Kungumam imagining doing this to the goddess’s feet and pray. They must then hand over the turmeric and lemons along with Betel leaves and nuts to the priest so he does an Archanai. He will return them over to the couple as prasadham. The lemon should be squeezed and made to a juice level and can be mixed with salt/sugar and should be kept in a single glass and only the couple should consume it without fail. The couple must drink it in the same glass.

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