Vasthu Temple



History :

Indian temples should be adhered to Vastu because it is the place of peace and harmony where people generally seek God’s grace to fulfill their wishes. f there is no peace in the house we live and there are continuous problems among the family members and health deteriorating in spite of medical treatments who live in the house are symptoms some time linked to Vasthu (The Hindu Art/Science of constructing a dwelling place in an auspicious manner on the basis of strong mythological and astronomical theories), this is similar to Feng_shui Chinese system for constructing buildings.

Once Sundarar was living with his wife Paravi at Thiruvarur. The couples perform Maheswara pooja on every Panguni Uttiram days and provide food and clothes to Shiva Adiyar (devotees). Before a Panguni Uttiram the financial condition of Sundarar was so bad and in search of something Sundarar walked all the day to Thirupugalur, the temple was being constructed and bricks and gravel was found surrounding the temple. When he arrived at the temple it was late and the temple was closed. Sundarar decided to stay over-night and wakeup in the morning, take a bath at the temple Tank (a lake surrounding the temple ) and have darshan of the god. To take rest first he took a brick found nearby and used it as head-rest (pillow) and gravel as his bed and slept in the temple entrance. When he wokeup in the morning to his/everybodies surprise the brick has turned into a golden brick. The couple used it for Panguni Utthiram Maheswara pooja.

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