Enkan Adi Narayana Perumal Temple



Mirugaseerisha Nakshathira is the next birth star on our list. In this blog, we will explore the temple that is considered auspicious and special for the Mirugaseerisha Starers. People who are born on Mirugaseerisha Nakshathira will be broad-minded and have good knowledge and skills.They also have a unique quality of getting adjusted based on the situation and the place.


Sridevi Boodevi Sametha Sri Adi Narayana Perumal temple in Enkan, Thiruvarur Dist is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and this temple is considered as the Must-Visit temple for the Mirugaseerisha Starers. Usually, Lord Vishnu will be seen in three main forms namely standing, sitting and reclining positions. Also, a separate shrine for the Garudan (The Holy Vehicle of Lord Vishnu) will be seen either opposite or to the side of the Lord’s shrine. But this is one of the rare temples where Lord Vishnu appears on the top of Garuda in the main sanctum sanctorum. Usually, the Lord Vishnu will appear on the Garuda Vahana only during the festivals and on the Garuda Seva day. But here in this temple, the devotees will always have the opportunity to have the Darshan of Garuda Seva every day.

As per the Sthala Purana, sage Bruhu was performing Tapas in this place that is surrounded by the Vanni trees. At that time, a Chola King came hunting to this place and he disturbed the penance of the Sage. When the sage opened his eyes, he saw the king attempting to hunt a Lion. The sage was angry and he cursed the king to have the face of a Lion. After hearing this, the King begged for his pardon. Since the curse given cannot be taken back, the sage advised the king to take bath in the Vettaru river (Vruddha Cauvery) and offer prayers to Lord Vishnu for his Sapa Vimochana. The king followed the sage’s advice and he got back his human face in this place. He got back his original human face on the Mirugaseerisha Star day. Moreover, since the king got relieved from the Miruga (Animal) face, this temple is closely related to Mirugaseerisha Nakshathira.


It is strongly believed that the Mirugaseerisha starers will get relieved from the adverse planetary effects by praying Lord Vishnu in this temple. They also pray here for early marriage, family unity, getting relieved from recurring skin diseases etc., It is believed that by doing Thirumanjanam (Abishekam) to Perumal on Wednesdays and Saturdays they would get all the happiness in their life.


Another famous ritual that was performed in this temple is the special pooja that was done for getting a Baby Boon. The couple who are seeking the blessings of the Lord for having a child would have to make a frame with four sugarcanes and tie a sari on it like a cradle(Thooli in Tamil). Then they will have to place the fruits in it and carry it around the temple by doing Adipradakshina (step by step manner). By doing so it is strongly believed that they will be blessed with the baby soon. Apart from these significances, this temple is also considered as the Parihara Sthala for Naga Dosha and Pakshi Dosha.

Since the Lord is seen atop the Garuda Vahana, it is strongly believed that He will be in the mission of quickly rescuing His disciples on His Garuda Vahana. So, it is advised that the people who are born on the Mirugaseerisha Nakshathira have to visit the temple at least once in a year on the Mirugaseerisha Star Days.

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