Trinetra Ganesh Temple




This temple is located in the Sawai Madhopur District of Rajasthan, India , which is built within the Ranthambhore fort in the world heritage . Somewhere between the Aravali and Vindhyachal hills, the Ranthambore fort is situated in the Rann of Bharaje Rantabhon, the story of the tranatera Ganesh festival is very different. This temple is a unique confluence of nature and faith. In the number of lakhs of people from the corner of India, the devotees come here to see Ganesha and see many monasteries, whom Lord Ganesha fulfills. This Ganesh temple was built by Maharaja Hamiddev ChauhanBut the temple of Lord Ganesha is self-contained inside the temple. In this temple Lord Ganesha stands in the form of a Trinetra, in which the third eye is considered a symbol of wisdom. This is the only temple in the whole world where Lord Ganesha is sitting with his entire family, two wives – Riddi and Siddhi and two sons – auspicious and profit. Four Swayambhu Ganesh temples are considered in India, in which the Trinity Ganesh ji in Ranthambore is the first. In addition to this temple Siddapur Ganesh temple is located in Gujarat , Avantika Ganesh temple, Ujjain and Siddhpur Sehore Mandir in Madhya Pradesh . Where does the Lord Vikramaditya go? Those who started the calculation of the Vikram Samvat every Wednesday, used to visit Ujjain on regular basis for the visit of Trinathra Ganesh Ji to Ranthambore, they established the dream of Ganesh ji of Siddhpur Sehore.

The battle of Maharaja Hamiddev Chauhan and ruler of Delhi Allauddin Khilji was Ranthambore between 1299-1301 AD. At that time, Alauddin Khilji had surrounded the fort of Ranthambore, more than nine months after the Ranthambore fort was surrounded by the Mughal army, due to the logistics material in the Ranthambore fort, it ended, In the dream of Harmidadeo Chauhan, where Ganesha worshiped me, I will relieve you of worry. King Hamiddev worshiped idol at the place indicated by Ganesha. According to legend, Hamiddev revealed the idol that Lord Rama had worshiped.

 When Lord Ram traveled to Lanka, worshiping this Ganesh was done by worshiping him. Hence TretayugIn this statue was installed in Ranthambore and lost in self-form.

 According to another belief, Lord Krishna was married to Lord Krishna in Dwapar era , Lord Krishna mistakenly forgot to call him Ganesha, so that Lord Ganesha became angry and ordered his mouse with the army of huge rats. Ditch the bill in the whole earth before the chariot of Jains and Krishna. Thus Lord Krishna’s chariot was sunk in the earth and could not move forward. On telling of the moses, Lord Krishna realized his mistake and returned to take Ganesh in place at Ranthambore, then Krishna’s marriage ended. Since then, Lord Ganesha is first invited in marriage and Mangal works. This is why Ranthambore is said to be the first Ganesh of India to Ganesh.

The Trinity Ganesh in Ranthambore is the only Ganesh in the world who holds the third Nayan. In the Gajavandanam chaayam , the third eye of Vinayak has been described, People believe that Lord Shiva handed over his third eye successor to Soma son Ganapati and thus all the powers of Mahadev got rooted in Gajanan. In Maha Ganapati Shodash Stautamala, the descriptions of Vinayak’s golden vihara forms. Maha Ganapati is very special and gorgeous, which holds a trinity, thus it is believed that Ranthambore’s battlefield is a form of Mahaganapati.

The beauty of Lord Trinater Ganesh, situated in the Ranthambore fort, is also done in a specific manner. Lord Ganesha’s make-up is done in the ordinary days with silver ornaments, but on Ganesh Chaturthi , God’s beauty is made from gold , which is arranged from Bombay . For many hours, God is anointed with law and order. The same Lord Trinity Ganesh ji is dressed in Jaipur. On the map of Lord Ganesha, the white learners of the grass grass are used in the fort complex in the Maharati , on these learnings, aarti is done by wrapping cotton (cotton) and dipping it in ghee .

Sawai Madhopur district, 13 kilometers from the headquarters of Ranthambore National Park in the World Heritage include Ranthambore Fort is located in the ancient temple historic significance of Lord Ganesh. To go to this temple, you have to go to Lord Ganesha for about 1579 feet high. Due to the crowd of devotees of Bhadrapada Shukla, the Aravali and Vindhyachal hills of Ranthambore remain resonant with the joy of Gajanan . The Parikrama of Lord Trinity Ganesh is approximately 7 kilometers. Jaipur with Trinetra Ganesh Temple is about a distance of 142 kilometers.

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