Thiruvedhikudi Vedapureeswarar Temple




Vedapuriswarar Temple, Thiruvedhikudi or Vazhaimadunathar Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in Thiruvedhikudi near Tiruvaiyaru, Tamil Nadu, India. The temple is incarnated by the hymns of Appar and Campantar and is classified as Paadal Petra Sthalam.
The temple is revered by the hymns of 7th century Tamil saint poets, Appar and Campantar. The temple lies on Kudamurutti river. God was emanating from banana tank and hence called Vazhaimadu nathar. Lingam here is called Vedapuriswarar.

The Pranava manthra “OM” came here and worshiped Lord Shiva, where ever the Pranavam goes the Vedha will follow, hence Pranava manthra “OM” consider to be the peak in Vedhas, because all Vedhas worshiped the lord here, this place is called as Vedhikudi. This is the place where Lord Shiva collected Vethiar (priest) for Nandhi’s Marriage.

This one of the Saptha sthana Sthalam, this is Third in order. Lord Brahma is said to have worshiped Lord Shiva at this Sthalam (place). Sun’s rays fall on the Sivalingam at sunrise on 13th, 14th and 15th day of Tamil month Panguni every year. It is believed that Sun god Sooriyan performs pooja during these 3 days to Lord Shiva at this sthalam.

This place is a “Thirumana Thiruthalam”. It is said to be that Thirugnanasampanthar had obtained the vision of Lord’s marriage. If delay in marriage is bothering you, do you want a girl/guy of your dreams, do you want a most auspicious wedding, Merciful Vedapureeeshwar has promised to shower His Grace upon all those who seek His blessings. Saint Campantar, while worshiping the Lord of the temple, sang his pathigam (10 versus) hymn,viz “Neeruvari ada”. This is one of the few hymns, where the Campantar ends it on the note( Aras aalwar Aaney namadhey), meaning he swears upon the King of Kings.

In the seventh verse, of this song, Saint Campantar, mentions, the Lord’s Mercy on all those aspiring for most auspicious wedding.

Saptha Stanam :

The sapthasthanam festival is conducted at Tiruvaiyaru during April every year. Hundreds of people witness the convergence of seven glass palanquins carrying principal deities of respective temples from seven places at Tiruvaiyaru. The palanquins are paraded near the car stand, the crowd witnessed the Poochorithal(flower festival) in which a doll offers flowers to the principal deities in the palanquins. After the Poochorithal, the palanquins left for their respective places. The seven temples are

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