Sri Seshapureeswarar Temple




This temple is also known as Urakapuram and Seshapuri. The name of the Lord Siva here is Paampuranathar (also referred as Seshapureeswarar), and Sarpeswararand the goddess is Vandaar Poonkuzhali (also referred to as Pramarambikai).
Lord Bhrama and Saint Agasthyar are said to have worshiped Shiva here.
Also, the Kings of Serpents Nagarajan and Karkotakan are said to have worshiped Shiva here. Once Lord Vinayagar was offering prayers to Lord Shiva. At that time the serpent in the neck of the Lord thought that he too is worshiped by Vinayagar. Knowing this Lord Shiva got angry and cursed the serpents to lose all their Shakthi. In order to retrieve it Aadiseshan and other serpents came to earth in one Maha Shiva Rathri and offered prayers to Kudanthai [Kumbakonam] Nageshwarar in the morning, Thirunageshwaram at the noon, Thirupamburam Pambureswarar in the evening and Nagoor Nageshwarar at the night and got the blessings of the Lord. The name Paampuram comes from the association with Nagarajan. It is said that 3 days a week snake is seen near the God or Goddess. The temple history suggests that snakes are present at this temple and every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday odors of Jasmine and Thazampu are also present. There is the fact that people do not die of snake bite at this place and no history of snake bites although a lot of snakes are seen in this area.
Pooja’s for Rahu ketu doshas is done here. In order to get relieved from Nagadosham, people who do not have children and for Raghu-Kethu Dosham people come here and offer prayers to the lord.

There is a local belief that the worship during morning, afternoon and evening needs to be performed at the three Nageswaran temples namely Nageswaran Temple, Tirunageswaram and Thirupampuram respectively.

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