Sri Pushparatheswarar Temple




Sri Pushparatheswarar temple at the Gnayiru village is is one of the navagraha temples around chennai dedicated to Lord Sun (Suriyan) and the prime deity here is Lord Shiva and is situated at a distance of about 15 km beyond Red Hills outskirts of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The history of this temple is that due to curse sun god asked to worship lord siva in this temple and SrPT – soorya pooja temple, since the sun god started to worship lord siva 1st tamil month chitrai(Starts from April 14th) behind this temple There was small pond the water in this pond is said to be having medicinal power which will (PT – parikaara(curing) sthalam for skin and EYE) cure skin and eye related diseases. Surya was cursed by Brahma once and he prayed to lord shiva here to be cured of his curse. The lord gave darshan to Surya on a 1000 petalled lotus hence he is called Pushparatheshwarar. In the month of Chithirai the sun rays fall directly on Shiva and swarnambikai.

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