Lohargal Surya (Sun) Temple




Surya (Sun) Temple in Lohargal, Jhunjhunu is one of the top Temples in Lohargal, Jhunjhunu. After the end of the Mahabharata war Pandav was extremely sad when you killed the brothers and other people, then on the advice of Lord Shri Krishna he went to see various pilgrimage places for liberation. Sri Krishna had told them that in the pilgrimage where your arms are melted in water, the desire for your liberation will be fulfilled. The roaming Pandav lohargal arrived and as soon as he took bath in the Sun Kunda, all their weapons were melted. He understood the glory of this place and it was declared by the title of Tirtha Raj. Lord Parashuram is also associated with Lohargal. It is said that at this place Parshuram ji also sacrificed for repentance and got salvation. Vishnu’s sixth epistle, Lord Parashuram had killed the Kshatriyas in anger, But when he became calm, he realized his mistake. There is also a huge Ba’adi that was constructed by Mahatma Chetan Das ji. It is one of the biggest bowl of Rajasthan. Near the hill there is an ancient sun temple. Along with it is the temple of Dekhandi ji. The ancient Shiva temple, Hanuman temple and Pandava cave are located near the Kund. Apart from these four hundred steps can be seen on the road.
Here the sun temple built from ancient times has become a center of attraction of the people. There is also a unique story behind this. In ancient times Kashi had a king named Surabhan, who had a child as a crippled girl in old age. The King called the ghosts of the future and asked about his past life. Then the scholars said that in the previous birth, that girl was Mercuri, which was killed by the hunter. The hunter left the dead monkey hanging on a banyan tree because the meat of the monkey is inedible. Due to air and sun, it dried up in the stove of Lohargal Dham, but one of his hands remained on the tree. As the rest of the body falls into holy water, you have come here as a girl. The scholars said to the king, If you go there and put that hand in holy water then the disabilities of this child will end. The king immediately came to Lohargal and put the hand of the barren in the watercourse from the branch of that banyan tree. By which his daughter’s hand was automatically cured. The King was very pleased with this miracle. The scholars told the king that this area is the place of God Surya. On the advice of the king, thousands of years ago, the Sun Temple and Suryakund were built here and made this pilgrimage a grand place.

One is also recognized, from the miracle of Lord Vishnu in ancient times, a water stream was released from the mountains, whose water continued to flow in the Suryakund continuously. People have unwavering faith in this ancient, religious, historical place. Devotees are here to go around the year. There is a fair on occasion from various religious occasions such as eclipse, Somvati Amavasya etc. But there is a special significance for every year from Krishna Janmashtami to Amavasya, which is the center of special attraction for tourists. Due to this festival, the holiday is also declared in the District on behalf of the District Collector. In the month of Shravan, the devotees take the kanwad by filling the sunkund with water. Here, every year, the Saptami festival is celebrated on the Saptami festival of Magh Month, In which apart from the Shobhayatra of Sun Narayan, huge Bhandara is organized with Satsanga discourse. It is also rounded around twenty-four kos. After the orbiting, the male and female bathing in the kund get benefit from the virtue.

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