Sri Arulvallalnatha Swamy




Thirumanancheri (Thiru Manam Cheri) is a village located near Cauvery River in Nagapattinam district. The village name comes from the god Shiva. Thirumanam mean marriage; cheri denotes a village or hamlet. Shiva married Parvathi at this place so the village is called marriage (Thirumanancheri). This temple is famous for marriage prayers. Guys or girls who want to get settle in marriage has to come to this temple and get Rs 100/ archana things from temple shop only.Lot of frauds selling garlands at the entrance and we have to careful.
Goddess Parvati once expressed her interest in getting married in the Earth. While playing dice, they both had an argument which led Goddess Parvati to descend to the Earth and took the form of a cow and stayed at Komal. Knowing this Lord Vishnu, took the form a cowherd for his sister. From the holy fire of Rishi Bharata Muni, Parvati relieved from the curse at Thiruvaaduthurai and assumed her original form in Kuthaalam. Siva married Parvati at Thirumanancheri. Lord Siva is called by Sonavaararivaar to retain his promise to the Goddess.

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