Padakatti Amman Temple



History :

Temple is a Hindu temple in the town of Valangaiman in the Tiruvarur district Tamil Nadu.The temple in India is a unique place of veneration where people converge and share their untold problems with the presiding almighty. They come to the temple with the positive belief that their grievances, irrespective of their nature will be resolved for good. There is one such a famous Templ e at valangaiman, near Kumbakonam city in Thiruvarur district. This temple is called Paadikattiya Amman temple dedicated to Mariamman. It is also known as Sri Valangaiman Maha Kali Temple and is very old – 1000 to 2000 years old.

Unlike many Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu, where the temple festivals and rituals are more or less similar, here the temple ritual is not only fascinating, but also strange. I do not hear or run into any other temples in Tamil Nadu, following this peculiar custom that makes this temple stand apart. ”Paadai kavadi” or simply ”paadaikattuthal” is an unusual ritual here. Paadai (It is made of two horizontal pole with cross poles (6 1/2 feet X 2 feet) with a bed made of flowers and coconut leaves) is generally used by the Hindus for carrying a dead body to the cremation ground.

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