Mandapalli Saneeswaralayam




The Shri Mandeshwara Swamy Temple is located in a village Mandapalli and is in the East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh. The Mandapalli shani Bhagavan temple is dedicated to the Shani bhagavan. Saneeswara. Also known as Sri Mandeswara Swami Temple and Someswara Temple, it is said that Saturn himself consecrated the linga representing Lord Shiva here. Other deities here are Bhrameswara and Nageswara enshrined in black stone Shivlingas. There is a shrine to Saturn – Saneeswara.

Lord Shani is one of the most famous and yet the most feared deities that the Hindus pray to get rid of evil and remove other obstacles. He is one of the Navgrahas which are the nine primary celestial planets in Hindu Astrology and is considered the strongest as well as most destructive. Shani is personified in the planet Saturn or Shani. Shani is the god of Saturday. Lord Shani is also known as Shanaicarya, Shaneesvara, Shani Deva, Saneesvara, Shani deva Bhagvan Shaneesvaran. Though most of the temples have a little shrine set apart for the Navgraha or the nine planets where Lord Shani is placed, one can also go to Shani temples which are present all over the country. One such temple, where people pay homage when they have been affected by Shani is, Shri Shaneeshwara Swamy Temple, Mandapalli.


The main festivals celebrated in the temple are Kalyanam of Shri Swamivaaru or Magha Bahula Ekadaeshi in the months of February/March every year, Karthkai Maasam in November/December every year, Devi Navaratrullu in the tamil month of Ashwayuja Masam which goes on for nine days in months of September/October every year, Lakshapathri Pooja in the tamil month of Karthikai Masam or in November/December every year.

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