Khadia Hanuman Temple



History :

Chamatkarik Shree Hanumanji Temple is Famous Temple in Desai Ni Pol, Old City, Khadia, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This Hanuman gives you visa power. He flew into Sri Lanka when it had no airport or immigration authority, and moved a whole mountain to complete a fig of a task. So for Lord Hanuman it is no challenge to organise visas for his devotees, which for frequent-flying mortals is a forbidding procedure complicated by the monkey business of agents and mystifying forms. The world’s only visa-expediting Hanuman operates out of Ahmedabad, and his busy practice is located at a temple that is wrapped by the narrow by-lanes of Desai-ni-pol, Khadia. The devout who throng the shrine swear that their deity guarantees 100% visa approval for any foreign country. And they are especially grateful because no processing or consultancy fee is charged. ‘Visa Hanuman’ attends to the needs of dozens of visa aspirants every day. But his counseling sessions are packed on Saturdays, with nearly 750 people filing their appeals for his consideration. According to temple authorities, devotees became aware of Khadia Hanuman’s visa power only recently. “The Hanuman idol is 250 years old and is famous for its miracles,” said the temple’s caretaker and priest, Himanshu Mehta. “Just before Diwali, eight applicants had their visas approved after seeking Hanumanji’s blessings. It is said that Hanumanji himself puts the approval stamp on the passports.

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