Joshimath Purnagiri Mandir




Purnagiri temple in India ‘s Uttarakhand province Tanakpur is located at 5,500 feet on the Annapurna peak. It is one of 108 Siddha Beds. This place is considered the back of Mahakali. It is said that the part of the navel of Sage Prajapati and the Ardhangini Sati of Shiva was cut down from here by Vishnu Chakra. Every year, the pilgrims visit here to visit this Shakti Peeth also come here.
Legend has it that Prajapati ‘s daughter Parvati ( Sati ) gave her husband own jumping life laid down in sacrifice pit held by Prajapati against the humiliation of Mahadev. Lord Vishnu gave 64 pieces of Sati Parvati’s body to calm Mahadev’s anger from his cycle. That’s a power back establishment. In the same sequence, Sati Parvati’s navel fell on the place of Puranagiri Shakti Peetha .
This place is located at a distance of 95 km from Champawat and only 25 km from Tanakpur. This Divine Court is calculated as 51 Shaktipeeths of IndiaIs done in According to Rudra Code in Shiva Purana, Das Prajapati’s daughter Sati was married to Lord Shiva. Yajna was organized by one time Daksha Prajapati in which all the Goddesses were invited but they were not invited to insult Shiv Shankar. Due to not being insulted by Sati’s husband Lord Shiva Shankar, his body was sacrificed in Yajna Mandap. Lord Shiva Shankar began to walk in the sky with the burnt body of Sati, Lord Vishnu separated the body of Sati’s body from the view of Shiv Shankar’s tandava dance, to calm him down. Wherever the sati’s body fell, peace backs were established. In Purnagiri, the navel limb of Sati falls, but the worship and worship of the Goddess is worshiped.

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