Guru Bhagavan Temple

Navagraha Temple

 Vasishteswaraswamy temple is a very antiquated temple located in the village ‘Thittai’ near Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. This temple has another name as ‘Thenkudi Thittai’ as the temple is located to the south of the river Cauvery. It is a Hindu temple devoted to Lord Vasishteswarar. A prominent feature of this temple is the water that falls from its ceiling on the Shiva Lingam, every 24 minutes. This phenomenon happens because of the two special stones ‘Suryagaanthakkal’ and ‘Chandragaanthakkal’ that are kept at strategic points above the Vimana. The stones absorb all the air and moisture from the surroundings and then convert them into water that falls on the deity. History The name of the village ‘Thittai’ means ‘thitthu’ in Tamil, i.e Mound. In ancient times, the world was surrounded with water due to ‘Pralayam’, that moment Brahma and Vishnu worshipped the Lord Shiv for their aegis. After performing major search in almost all places, they found this mound which was not submerged in the ‘Pralayam’ water. There was a Shiva Lingam. Both, Brahma and Vishnu started offering pooja to the Lord Shiva, on getting pleased Shiva later appeared in front of them. He then deputed duties to both Branhma and Vishnu of Creation and Protection respectively. It was believed that this mound is the only place in ancient history that was not drowned during pralayam.The Sage Vasishta offered prayer to Lord Shiva; hence the temple has been named as Vasishteswarar. The temple has been constructed completely using the stone, including the ceilings, pillars, walls and floors. Importance  On reaching the temple, another speciality found here is the ‘Guru Bhagvan’ temple that is inside the temple itself. This is place where one can see that Guru Bhagvan is in a standing posture having four hands that holds weapons and a book. The most important festivals celebrated here are Guru Peyarchi and Chitra Pournami. On entering the Dwaja Sithambam that is made of store, you can see another shrine of Raja Guru as Bali peedam, Ambal Sannathi at the right side. Mythology Guru Bhagvan  Planet Jupiter has been worshiped by the people. Offering prayer to planet Jupiter relieves the inauspicious duration from the devotees life. Students offer prayers to the Lord to perform well in their studies. Guru Peyarchi and Chitra Pournima are the most important festivals celebrated in the temple.From beginning till end of the months; festivals are celebrated in the temple like Maha Shivratri in the month of February-March, followed by Tirukarthikai in November and December including Guru Bhagvan (Jupiter). In each week, Guru Transition day is celebrated. The Lord Shiva is known as Swayambumurthy. It is said that the Lord sun offers his prayers to Shiva Linga by his rays on 15, 16 and 17 in Avani Month (August to September). During Panguni (March-April), rising sun offers his prayers to Lord Shiva by dedicating his sun rays on 25 and 26 of the month.     

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