Bagampriyal Kovil




Thiruvetriyur, Baagam Piriyal temple is a Amman temple and is located in Thiruvetriyur, Ramanathapuram district, Tamil Nadu state, India. Thiruvetriyur is one of most developing villages in Thiruvadanai Taluk. In this village the famous temple “Baagam Priyal Amman” located 10 KM from Thiruvadanai.

King Mahabali was noted for his boldness & charitableness. He was loved by his people. This made the emperor very proud and he disrespected the gods and Devas. Maharshi Narada met Lord Shiva at Mount Kailash and asked him to punish King Mahabali. Lord said that once when a lamp in his temple was about to extinguish, Mahabali, in the form of a rat moved the wick properly and made the lamp burn continuously. Lord rewarded Mahabali with the rule of 56 kingdoms. Lord Shiva said to Narada that it would be unjustified to destroy Mahabali in his present birth. Later, Maharshi went to Lord Vishnu and asked Him to punish Mahabali for his egoistic character. Naradha went to Lord Vishnu to punish Mahabali for his arrogant character. Vamana measured the world in two footsteps and demanded for third and Mahabali offered his head instead. He was pushed into padala lokam. Mother Dharma – Dharma Devatha – lost her illustrious son and reached Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva punished Lord Vishnu with cancer on the foot that squashed Mahabali’s head. When Vishnu sought for relief, Lord Shiva told Him to bathe in 18 holy theerthas, worship Lord Aadhi Rathneswarar in Thrivadanai, bathe in the Vasuki spring in Tiruvettriyur south of Thiruvadanai and worship the Linga embracing Him for total cure. Lord Vishnu came to Thiruvetriyur for a holy bath and his cancer disappeared.

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