Arulmigu Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva Temple




Avathara or Vishnu incarnation in the form of Hayagriva is a supreme act of HIS kripa and HIS descent into this universe is only to redeem our poor Atmans from this world of samsara and lift us up into HIS realm of blissfulness. We are very familiar with the 10 avatars of Sri Narayana. But the ordinary humanity is not much aware of the most prominent of HIS avatara-SRI HAYAGRIVA at the very beginning of this world’s creation. Hayagriva is Gnanadamurthy in Hinduism, he is considered a minor incarnation of Vishnu. Originated as a horse god and became an avatar associated with wisdom and knowledge. At the request of Brahma, Hayagreeva rescued the Vedas stolen by two demons. It is noteworthy that the temple lies in between the Tiruvahindipuram Lakshmi Hayagriva temple and the Chengalpat Chettipunniam Lakshmi Hayagriva temple.

Lord Hayagriva is worshipped as a lord of wisdom as he recovered the Vedas from the demons and where there is wisdom, wealth joins there. The Lakshmi Hayagriva form combines prosperity and wisdom.

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