Vana Durgamma Temple




This famous Hindu temple is open to the public & sits in a scenic, forested area alongside a river.

The history was that here seven rivulets meet at a point from the top of the river on the way to the temple in a den where Durgamma idol was seen and that is the reason it known as Edupayala Durgamma. With hundreds of devotees pitching up to their makeshift tents around the Edupayala Vana Durga Bhavani temple here the stage is set for a three-day festivity known as Edupayala Jatara in the Telangana and bordering Karnataka regions.

The festival begins on the day of Sivaratri and is followed by Bandi Utsavam where hundreds of decorated bullock carts from 32 villages go around the temple and concludes with the rathothsavam. It is estimated that more than 5 lakh people would visit the temple during these three days. Every year, around thirty lakhs of devotees worship the Goddess Durga. To watch this occasion the devotees not only from our country come here but from various parts of the country come to worship goddess Durga.¬†According to the legend, Nagsanpalli is the place where King Janamejeya offered the “Sarpayagam” to finish of the race of snakes. However, the snakes invoked the spirit of Ganga to flush the Sarpayagam. It is believed that Ganga arrived here and split into seven rivulets touching the feet of Goddess Bhavani giving the name of Edupayala.

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