Talupulamma Lova Temple




Talupulamma Lova is a piligrim place in East Godvari District & Uttar Andhra, a village of Thuni mandala, near the lavakkutur near fire . It is located on a Hillock between Darakonda and Teegakonda. The temple is situated about 6 Kms from NH5 and about 8 Km from Tuni Railway station. It is likely to grow as a tourist destination. Students studying in botany are often going for a vacation here . They went on foot; There are now buses.

‘Lava’ is the place where Amma is the ‘door door’. The oldest is in the East Godavari district. The place is famous for its doorstep. The hills, which are once found in the dense forests, can be sighted. One of these hills is called ‘Dharakonda’ and the other is called ‘Kangakonda’ by locals. Between these two hills, ‘Thalukalamma’ is to be seen. The myth of the place tells me that it is well known to be the doorstep.

Agastya Maharshi reached the place in the region and did not find water anywhere to distinguish. Then he prayed to the jaggery, and the bottomless pit on the hill . Agastya, who completed the Santhi salute, asked Mother to stay in the area, and his request is all in the hill of the hill. Amma is receiving the poojasheets to fulfill the wishes of the devotees in time. Devotees believe that the Mother here will give all good things . Visiting the deity here is a pleasurable experience in the lush green environment. The Velamkottur village is close by.

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