Sri Ramanujar Manimandapam Temple

Rahu-Kethu & Kalasarpa



Ramanuja Temple 1000th year mani mandapa Erumapalayam Salem is Others temple located at Salem,Tamil Nadu.  Sri Ramanuja was born in the year 1017 in Sriperumbudur to Kesava Somayaji and Gandhimathi couples. The elder uncle of the child Sri Tirumalai Nambi was serving in Tirupathi temple. As the child looked like Lakshmana the younger brother of Lord Rama, he named the Child Ilaya Azhwar. Ilaya means younger. There is a mandap in front of the temple where Sri Ramanuja was born. sriperumpudur ramanujar temple

During the 10 day Chithirai festival during April-May, Acharya graces from this mandap. On His birth star day, he is placed in a cradle as a child and fed with milk in a conch. During this festival, the Parivattam – a turban linen – is brought from 36 Vaishnava shrines-Divya Desas – as a courtesy to the Acharya. Sri Ramanuja is also praised in the name of Yathiraja. Yathi means an ascetic. Raja means leadership. Mother in the temple is named after this principle as Yathirajanadhavalli. She graces in the name of devotee expressing Her love for the child sriperumpudur ramanujar temple sriperumpudur ramanujar temple

Anujan means younger brother. As Ramanuja’s avtar is attributed to Sri Lakshmana the younger brother of Lord Rama, He was named Ramanuja – meaning the younger brother of Lord Rama. As Sri Lakshmana, Ramanuja represents the divine snake Adisesha, those afflicted by the adverse effects of the snake planets Rahu-Kethu and facing Kalasarpa effects delaying their marriage, worship here for relief.

They spill the water of the Ananthasaras theertha on their head, perform milk abishek to Sri Ramanuja and light ghee lamps. There is not a day in the temple without a festive importance. When there is no festival of importance, Perumal comes in procession in morning and night. A fragrant garland comes in procession with all music. It means that Lord Himself is coming in the form of a garland. ramanujar temple

From the day of Deepavali till the Hastha Star day in Thai month (January-February) abishek to Acharya is performed with hot water as this is winter season. He is also dressed with a coat, woolen and velvet upper cloth so that the winter should not affect Him. During summer, the Acharya will have abishek with sandalwood paste. ramanujar temple ramanujar temple ramanujar temple ramanujar temple

There are three Ramanuja idols, the first in Melkottai in Tirunarayanapuram in Karnataka, the second in Sri Rangam in Tiruchi and the third in this temple at Sriperumbudur. These are called Thanuganda Tirumeni – that which are liked by the Acharya. These idols were made by His disciples as suggested by Him. The Acharya embraced these idols and infused his power into them. Hence, these idols are known as Thanuganda Tirumeni. These idols were made when Sri Ramanuja was 120 years old. The ear, hip bones are so realistically sculpted resembling His age.

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