Sri Mavullamma Vari Temple




Sri Mavullamma Ammavaru temple is located at Kurisettivari Street, Gandhi Nagar in Bhimavaram town in West Godavari district of Andhrapradesh. Mavullamma is the Gramadevata and purnas says that Mavullamma idol appearance in the year 1200 AD but the writing on the marble in temple says 1880 AD. In Bhimavaram a place presently called as Motupalli Veedhi is said to be the place where the goddess had emerged. Sri Mavullamma ammavaru emerged in a place where Neem and Peepal (vepa) trees were together. Lots of people from all over the place visited and considered her as the holy gramadevatha who was very later represented as ‘Mavullamma’ instead of ‘Mamillamma’. During Vaishaka masam of the year 1880 A.D. Sri Mavullamma ammavaru came into the dream o f Sri Marella Machi Raju and Sri Grandhi Appanna and advised them to build a temple in the place where she had emerged. After they found the Goddess they used to offer her prayers in a small hut. Both Sri Marella Machi Raju and Sri Grandhi Appanna built the temple at the Sunday Market.
Bala Bhogam and Sahasra Kumkum Archana will be performed in the early hours. Pancha Harati, Sahasra Namarchana, Vedaparayanam will b performed in the evening hours. Goddess will be decorated as Sakambari during Ashada Suddha Pournami. During the annual festival, the goddess will be decorated with a Saree made out gold.

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