Sri Jagajjanani Temple




Sri Jagajjanani Temple is located at Nandyal in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It takes 2 minutes to travel from Nandyal Bus Stand Road to Sri Jagajjanani Temple. Approximate driving distance between Nandyal Bus Stand Road and Sri Jagajjanani Temple is 2 kms. Sri Jagajjanani Temple. In Telugu language “Jagamu” means World and “Janani” means Mother (Sri Jagajjanani means Mother of World). Importance of Sri Jagajjanani Temple Importance of this temple can be understood from the fact that this is the only second temple of its kind in the world. 1st one in Himalayas near Lake ManasaSarovaram, which is already collapsed and that’s why this is the only temple which is consisting of Sri Jagajjanani Idol in entire world. “Gopuram” means temple dome or top in telugu, this temple gopuram consists of all the forms of gods and goddesses and they are “Mukkoti Devathalu”,and “ Crores of living beings”, “Kalpa Vrukshamu”, “Holy seven sages”,” Holy seven mothers” (Saptha Matrukalu), “Nava Durgas” and, “Ashtadasa Sakthi Peetalu” etc. So the gopuram of the temple is also a rare and sacred thing to see there.
Sri Jagajjanani Temple. Legend associated with the temple states that, when Sri Jagajjanani Matha decided to start the life on earth, she came to earth and incarnated herself in Himalyas near ManasaSarovaram in Himalayas above 19,500 ft from the sea level. Every day all Gods and Goddesses came here and make bath in ManasaSarovaram and pray to Sri Jagajjanani which she resides near to the lake. This was briefly described in our Vedas, Old Manuscripts like “Kapalika Vidhi”, “Vamakeswara Tantram”, “Koula Achara Tantram”, “Sakthi Sthal”, “Devi Bagavatham” etc. There is no husband and wife form for this Sri Jagajjanani as she forms both the Husband and wife forms when she needs them.

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