Sri Gangamma Devi Temple




Sri Gangamma Devi Temple is located near the Kadu Malleshwara temple on 2nd Temple Street, Malleswaram layout, in the north-western area of Bangalore city.

The main deity of the temple is Gangamma or the Goddess Ganga, who is also considered to have manifested on Earth as the River Ganga and an incarnation of Shakti.
A popular Goddess in India, Gangamma is a Nada Devathe (Local deity) in Bangalore. The annual Gangamma jathre (Religious fair and festival) is held in various places across India and the event in Bangalore has been held in and around Malleswaram area since 1928.

A permanent temple was consecrated in honor of the Goddess in the year 2004.
The temple complex also has smaller shrines for Ganesha, Subramanya and the Navagraha

Annual Gangamma Jathre :

A ‘Jathra’ or ‘Jathre’ is an annual religious fair and festival that is held in honor of various Saints and Local deities in the Southern states. (Such as the Yellamma Jathre in Yellamma Temple, Saundatti, the Nayakanahatti Jathre at the Nayakanahatti Thipperudra Swamy temple.

The Gangamma Jathre in Bangalore has been a tradition since 1928 and is currently held around the Malleswaram Gangamma temple.

The event is normally held over a three-day period and see thousands of devotees arriving from across Bangalore and nearby areas. The temple and the deity are specially decorated and devotees offer Ragi Ganji (gruel) to the Goddess, along with the traditional flowers, coconut and fruit.

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