Sree Vishnumaya Temple


Kuttichathans are a class of demons worshipped in folk Hinduism in Kerala state of India. According to legends, there are around 390 Kuttichathans each one vary in their nature and power. Vishnumaya, the youngermost of the Kuttichathans is considered to be the most powerful and is most widely worshipped. Names of other Chathans are Parakkutty, Arukolai, Karuthachan, Mookkan, Kappiri, Kurudi, Karimkannan, etc.

Kuttichathans except Vishnumaya are often portrayed in dark colors sometimes with horns and tail. Unlike his brothers, Vishnumaya is considered to be a virtuous Chathan and is often depicted in white color. Vishumaya means “resemblance of Lord Vishnu”. He got his name because of his similarity with Lord Vishnu in his appearance.

Vishnumaya Chathan is believed to be a son of Shiva and Kulivaka – a tribal woman, while in some versions Parvati disguises herself as Kulivaka.

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