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Sitamarhi is the main city of Mithila in India , which is mentioned in the mythological narrative as the birthplace of Sita . This Hindu pilgrimage recorded in Tretayugan narrative is one of the major tourist spots in Bihar .  Due to the birth of Sita, the name of this city came first as Sitamarai, then Sitamahi and in time it was Sitamarhi. This city is located on the bank of Laxmana (presently Lakhandai ) river. In the Ramayana period, this Mithila was an important part of the state. This Muzaffarpur in 1908Become a part of the district. On Independence Day, on December 11, 1972, it attained independent district status. This Hindu pilgrimage recorded in Tretayugan narrative is one of the major tourist spots of Bihar. At present, it is a district headquarter and major tourist destination of Bihar state under Tirhut Commission
Sitamarhi is described as mythological narrative in the form of Tretayugi town. In the Treta era, the daughter of King Janaka and goddess Sita, wife of Lord Rama , was born in Tapaura. According to mythology Mithila was cow once caused famine conditions. The priests and pundits advised King Mikhail of Mithila to run a solution in the area. It is said that Sita was born from the earth at that time when King Janak used to make a plow in the field at Taumara, Sitamarhi. Due to the birth of Sita, this city’s name was first Sitamdhai, then Sitamahi and in the end, Sitamarhi. It is such a fact that after his marriage at Sitaji’s idle site, King Janak had installed the statue of Lord Rama and Janaki. Around 500 years ago, a Saint Birbal Das of Ayodhya found godly inspiration and searched for those statues and started regular worship. This place is known today as Janaki Kund. Sitamdhi has been a part of the Tirhut in ancient times. The Carnat dynasty of Mithila rulers ruled here until Muslim rule began in this area . Later, local satraps retained their dominion here but on the arrival of the British this Bengal became a part of the province of Bihar again . Tiruput Muzaffarpur district in 1908 ADBeing part of After independence on 11 December 1972, Sitamdhi got the status of independent district, whose headquarters was built Sitamarhi.
According to the description of the great Vishnu Purana , the place of the emperor’s solution-yagna-land and the passage of the Urbija Sita is located, which was situated at a distance of twenty-three miles from his Rajnagar, west. Rituals and edits of that yajna are said to be on the bank of Laksmana (presently Lakhandai) river. As a result of the solution-yagna, land-landed Sita was embroiled on Dharam, and the sky was torrential as torrential rains started, which would erase the famine’s famine, but the problem of protecting her from the newborn Sita was in front of her husband Has been present There was a need to present a verdant (wick, hut, cottage) with the thought of saving it there from rain and water. A diadem was prepared quickly at that place and the SitaHelp was kept. It is said that where the monastery was built for protection from the rain of Sita, the name of that place was first Sitamdayai, time later, Sitamahi and then Sitamarhi. Here is the village of Taora, where the Pondic sage resided in the Ramayana period. Some people consider this as the descending land of Sita. But these are all local observations.
There was a thick forest in the Ramayana period where Sitamarhi and Tapaura are there. The first progenitor of Janaki’s place was a disobedient Mahatma and a perfect man. According to the description of “Vishnu Vishnu Purana”, he described the location of the present place, measuring the settlement-land of King Janak, by measuring the population of Janakpur Nepal . Behind them, they put their seat for the penance on the banks of the Laxman river under a tree at that holy place. After the devotees built a monastery there, according to the Guru tradition, that is going on till the beginning of the preceding disciples of that day. In the name of Urvija Janki in Sitamarhi, every year, a huge cattle fair is held on the occasion of Ram Navami and the second battle of Panchami, thereby making the fame of the place of its place more and more.

It is mentioned inthe Balakand of Shree Ramacharitmanas that when Rishi Vishwamitra Raja was taken to Dasharath for protection from the demons, he took Ram and Lakshman along with them. Ram killed the demons like Tabka and Subahu and without Marich shipped across the ocean to kill the fruit arrow. the Laxman put the destruction of the whole army of monsters. Dnusyjtr to King Janak invitation The burn injury Vishwamitra ram their city with Laxman Mithila ( Janakpur way come). Ram Gautam Muni’s wife Ahilya delivered, this location 40 km from Sitamarhi. M. Ahilya place is named after. MithilaIn Janaka’s daughter Sita whom Janaki as was held also to the swayamvar name where Jnkpratigya breaking Shivdnus Ram said Sita married | Rama and Sita master as well as the marriage Vashisht by Bharat of Mandvi from LAX to Urmila and Shatrughan of Srutkirthy got to. “Ram Aghn commemorating Sita’s marriage Panchami annually in Sitamarhi Sonepur most of Asia since The big animal is fair. Similarly, Jamata Ram Even in the honor of Chaitra Ram Navami, there seems to be a big animal fair.

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