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The Sita-Kund is a Hindu pilgrimage site in Sitamarhi district, in the Indian state of Bihar, which has an ancient Hindu temple. It is situated 5 km west of Sitamarhi town and a popular visitor’s attraction.

Punaura Dham Mandir (Hindi: सीता कुण्ड या पुनौरा धाम मंदिर) is one of the holiest Hindu temples dedicated to Goddess Sita, located in Sitamarhi, Bihar, India. Million of pilgrims visit the temple every year and most visited religious shrine in North India. I

Punaura Dham is about 5 km west of Sitamarhi. Saint Pundrik’s Ashram was situated here. Sita-Kund place is the honour of being the birthplace of Hindu Goddess, Sita.
The place can be easily reached from the Patna Airport,Bus Station,Patna Railway Station. The temple is just approx. 150 km from the Patna Junction Railway Station. Bus, taxis etc. are available at Patna, Gulzarbagh,Patliputra and Patna City railway stations.

The place can be easily reached from the adjacent District’s Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga, Madhubani and East Champaran.

The temple is just approx. 70 –80 km from the Muzaffarpur Railway Station/ Bus Station, Darbhanga Junction Railway Station/ Bus Station Madhubani Railway Station/ Bus Station and Motihari Railway Station/ Bus Station.
This is the place where Sita was born, the main character of the epic Ramayana. The town is situated along the border of Nepal.

This district is often bereaved by natural calamities. One of the most devastating is excess flooding due to mis-management of the banks by both civilians and government officials. This town was almost completely destroyed by the earthquake of 1934.

Sitamarhi is a beautiful place. Sitamarhi is far away from Patna (approximately 140 km), lies the historical and mythologically-essayed town of Sitamarhi.

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