Shri Sadashiva Rudra Temple




Shri Sadashiva Rudra Temple is a temple dedicated to Lrod Shiva located in Nada village of Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka. Even though the temple is called as Sadashiva Rudra Devasthana, it is popular and famous as “Surya” Temple. Devotees impress Lord Shiva to get rid of their problems & after getting their wishes fulfilled they offer clay sculptures which resembles the replicas of buildings, cars, couple, currency notes or coins whatever they prayed for.¬†As said by the Archakaru, Initially when you are making sankalpa need not go there, from your place only you can do the sankapla. Once your sankapla fulfilled you can go there & do the offerings.¬†According to the legends, once upon a time, a woman was chopping grass with her son at this place, when she hit a stone. Blood started oozing out from the stone she had hit. Seeing blood coming from the stone, the woman cried out “Sureya” to her son. After that incident the place was named Sureya, which gradually became Surya.

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