Shri Dadaji Dhuniwale




Dadaji Dhuniwala is counted among the great saints of India . Grandfather Dhuniwale has the same place among his devotees as Shirdi ‘s Saibabaaba . Grandfather (Swami Keshavanandaji Maharaj) was a very great saint and used to roam constantly. Every day, grandfather used to sit in meditation before the holy fire (Dhuni), so people started remembering him in the name of Dadaji Dhuniwale.
Dadaji Dhuniwale is worshiped as Lord Avatar of Shiva and Dattatreya Lord and is said to be worshiped and it is said that coming to his court, unfulfilled prayers are also fulfilled. Grandfather’s life story is not available authentically, but many stories that are praising his glory are popular.

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