Lakulish Shiv Temple




Kayavarohan shiv temple in kayavarohan village, Vadodara, Gujarat. Lord Shiva took the from of a Brahmin child so the place is known as “kayavarohan”. Kayavarohan lingam is formless ang uniqure. This is the one of the oldest and famous hindu temple in india. It is an important pilgrimage to Pasupatas as its home to Lord Shiva temple in Lakulisha avatar. According to the puranas kayavarohan has the sixty eight teertha. Shiva had come to the earth in the form of Lakulisha through Kayavarohan, literally meaning ‘Descent of the form’. Kayavarohan harbours the Brahmeshwar Jyotirshivlang temple, claimed to have been founded by Maharshi Vishwamitra. It has been held that the incarnation of Shiva in Lakulish has merged with the linga in …

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