Saraswathi Kshetramu




Shri Saraswathi Kshetramu is a famous Hindu Temple of Goddess Saraswathi located in the Ananthasagar, Chinna Kodur Mandal, Siddipet Division, siddipet district of Telangana. The temple was built on Friday, May 2, 1980 -Roudri Year, Vaishakha month by Astakala Narasimha Rama Sharma (Astavadhani). It is located between Siddipet to Karimnagar, 22 km away from the former, 125 km from Hyderabad and 63 km from Medak,.
This temple was built by Astakala Narasimha Rama Sharma, a teacher by profession, who, determined not to rely on donations for its construction, used his money from his salary as an astrologer, Vaastu shastra expert, and groundwater locator. In the whole India finding Saraswathi temples is rare. First Saraswathi temple in India is Vaishnavi Temple is in Jammu & Kashmir. Second Temple is located in Basar, this temple is considered as third Saraswathi temple and is located in Shivaru mountains which comes under Ananthasagar village. This is the first temple having standing pose of Saraswathi.

Festivals :

Saraswati Puja is performed on the 5th day of Magha month of Vedic Calendar (also known as Basant Panchami).

As in several parts of India, and especially the South, Saraswati pujas are conducted during Navaratri – a 9 day long festival celebrating the power of the feminine aspect of divinity or shakti. The last three days of Navaratri starting from Mahalaya Amavasya (the New Moon day) are dedicated to the goddess.
On the ninth day of Navaratri (Mahanavami), especially Sharad Navaratri, books and musical instruments are ceremoniously placed before the image of Saraswathi early at dawn and she is worshipped with special prayers. No studies or any performance of arts is carried out, as it is considered that the Goddess herself is blessing the books and the instruments. The festival is concluded on the tenth day of Navaratri (Vijaya Dashami) and the goddess is worshipped again before the books and the musical instruments are removed. It is customary to study on this day, which is called Vidyarambham (literally, Commencement of Knowledge): students are traditionally required to revise much of what they have learnt up to that day, and also to start the study of something new. Gurus (preceptors) are worshipped on this day as embodiments of Saraswathi.

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