Ranchi Surya Temple




Sun Temple is a religious attraction of Ranchi. It is located about 39 km from Ranchi on Tata Road near Bundu, stands the elegant Sun Temple fashioned in the form of huge chariot with richly decorated 18 wheels (nine on each side) and seven life like horses ready to take off. Built by Sanskriti Vihar headed by Shri Sita Ram Maroo, the Managing Director of Ranchi Express Group, the Sun Temple deserves the title ‘a poem in stone’. The surroundings of the temple, studded with a pond serving as a sacred place for Chhathavratis are actually a natures bounty to the people of Chhotanagpur. A beautiful dharmashala, meant for the pilgrims and the tourists is under construction. The all weather motor able road upto the temple premises is likely to attract tourist who will be captivated to behold the newly built Sun Temple in placid and seren surrounding leading to it’s celestial beauties.

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