Nuggikeri Hanuman Temple




Nuggikeri Hanuman Temple is situated around 7.5 km from Dharwad, Karnataka, India. Nuggikeri Hanuman Temple is an ancient temple in Dharwad. Devotees come from different regions to this temple. Due to Vishesha Divasa on Saturday for Hanuman this place is crowded.
The deity is said to be idolised in Nuggikeri village by a senior-member of the Nuggikeri village belonging to the Nuggikeri Desai family The pratishtapana of the Lord balabheema was done by his holiness Sri Vyasatirtha (the chief saint in the court of Sri krishnadevaraya of Hampi )
Till date the Lord hanuman temple is being managed by the same Desai family. The people of the Desai family follow a system of paryaya ( a system of internal rotation) in the management of the temple. The management of the temple changes once in every year

Every year on the auspicious day of chaitra Suddha poornima i.e., hanuman jayanti there is a jatra mahotsava . Every Saturday thousands of devotees visit the temple and offer prayers to Lord hanuman

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