Maa Bala Sundari Temple




Trilokpur stands on an isolated hillock about 24 km south-west of Nahan, 77-15’ north and 30’30’ east, at an elevation of about 430 m. The place is famous for its temple of renowned goddess Bala Sundri.

The name Trilok Pur implies there is a triangle of three Shakti Temples in the area, each depicting different faces of Goddess Durga. The main temple situated at Trilok Pur is the Temple of Bhagwati Tripur Bala Sundry which depicts a beautiful childhood image of Goddess Durga. Another ‘Shakti Temple’ dedicated to Bhagwati Lalita Devi depicting another image of Goddess Durga, is situated on a hillock located at a distance of 3 km in front of the main temple of Bhagwati Bala Sundri. The third famous ‘Shakti temple’ of ‘Tripur Bhairavi’ is situated at a distance of 13 km north west of Bala Sundri temple.
The temple was built by Raja Dip Parkash in 1573.Legend Speaks of the devi’s “pindi” (a sacred stone, regarded as a symbol of the goddess). that had appeared in a bag of salt, purchased by a local trader.

As per legend, Maa Balasundari Jee had appeared in the year 1573 at Trilokpur in a bag of salt brought from Devban ( UP) by a local shopkeeper Sh Ram Dass. The said shopkeeper kept on selling salt from the bag throughout the day but the commodity did not exhaust and the bag remained filled as if nothing had been taken out there from. He was taken aback by the miracle and while asleep in the night Goddess appeared in his dream and narrated the incidence of her disappearance from Devban(UP) and directed to construct a Temple to establish her PINDI swaroop, which was already existing inside the bag of salt and also directed to worship in the name of Mahamaya Balasundari – an infant state of Goddess Veshno Devi . Lala Ram Dass was not rich enough to construct the temple, thus he decided to approach the then ruler of Sirmour state who inhesitanly agreed and got constructed a temple for the installation of the Divine PINDI of Mata Balasundari jee at Trilokpur. The king invited some artisans from Jaipur [Rajasthan] in 1570AD and a beautiful marble temple dedicated to Goddess Tripur Bala Sundri came by 1573 AD. It is pertinent to mention here that at Devband in Uttar Pradesh also there was a famous ancient temple of Bhagwati Bala Sundri. After the temple was completed the worship of Goddess Bala Sundri became the tradition in the Royal family. The temple was renovated by Maharaja Fateh Prakash in 1823 and by Maharaja Raghubir Prakash in 1851. The temple is an example of exquisite workmanship and is an amalgam of Indo-Persian styles of architecture.

Every year over 32 lacs of devotees visit shrine of Bhagwati Bala Sundri. The traditional Poojari of the Bhagwati belongs to the business community and Vaish by cast, it is another unique feature of this famous Shakti Peeth of North India. Right since temple’s inception, the descendants of Lala Ram Das have been performing the main Pooja there.

At present the temple is run by a Temple trust headed by Deputy Commissioner Sirmour. The Temple Trust had executed several developmental works in Trilok Pur village during the past three decades. During this, Navratra fair tight security arrangement were being made keeping in view security threat to the famous religious places.

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