Shree kapaleshwar Mahadev mandir




Kapaleshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is located in Nashik district and is near the Godavari River and Ramkund. The temple is different from other Shiva temples, because as in usual Shiva temples, there is no Nandi at Kapaleshwar Temple. This temple was initially built in 1763 and was renovated by Peshwe. This temple is different from other God Shiva’s temples as the idol of Nandi is not kept at the entrance of this temple. As per a legend, God Shiva accidently killed a cow Gohatya and then went to Nandi for a solution to cleanse his sin. Nandi advised God Shiva to take a bath in Ramkund for redemption. God Shiva did as he was told and then conducted a ‘Jaap’ at this temple for penance. He also adopted Nandi as his Guru and due to this no deity of Nandi is placed to guard this ancient temple.

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