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Kamakhya (Kamachha) Devi Temple of Varanasi is one of the most famous temples in Varanasi. The most famous among the Shakti Peethams in India is Kamakhya Devi whose temple is at the Kamaksha suburb of Guwahati city in Assam. She is represented in Kashi in the neighbourhood named after her, Kamachha. Here she resides in a temple, which is small but very popular among the local dwellers. Devotees believe that the goddess came to Kashi directly from Kamaksha at the request of one of her devotees from Kashi who by his arduous austerity and rituals persuaded the goddess to come and settle in Kashi. Her image is installed over an altar of Shri Yantra. She is eulogised as one of the Shaktis (” great power”), and as one of the Yoginis. Among the devotees who are followers of Tantrism, Kamaksha Devi is the pre-eminent deity. During Navaratri, special decorations and celebrations are performed by the devotees………..
The small temple of Krodha Bhairavar (“the angry Bhairavar”), representing one of the eight forms of Bhairava, the terrifying form of Shiva, who protects the inner city in all the eight directions, is situated near to Kamakhya temple. The popular Batuka Bhairavar Temple (Batuka means boy) situated very close at the east side . Batuka Bhairavar temple also has an idol of Ghrishaneshvar lingam representing one among the 12 Jyotira lingas of Shiva…………..
A little walk to the further west along the main lane is Vaidyanatha (“Lord of Physicians”), another among the 12 Jyotira lingas like the one mentioned above. Vaidyanatha, with many miracles to his credit, is very popular in the neighbourhood, which is named after Parli Vaijnath in Maharastra State………..

How to Visit

There are many ways to reach Kamakhya Temple. A good transport facility is available to reach out to temple by road through TSRTC or Private Travels services.  Varanasi railway station or nearest railway stations. The nearest Domestic Airport is guwahati Airport to the temple.

Food & Hotels

Lot of 3 star and 5 star hotels available near to temple.

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