Kalikambal Temple




The Kalikambal Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shri Kalikambal and Lord Kamadeswarar, located in Parry’s corner locality of the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.┬áThe temple is located in Thambu Chetty Street, a prominent financial street running parallel to Rajaji Salai.

The temple was originally located closer to the sea shore and was relocated to the current site at 1640 AD. It was then built in 1678. Shivaji, the Maratha warrior and the founder of the Hindawi-Swarajya in the 17th century, had worshiped in this temple incognito on 3 October 1667. It is believed jthat a fierce form of Goddess was held in worship earlier and that this form was replaced with the shanta swaroopa (calm posture) form of Goddess Kamakshi.you can reach by bus ( Broadway)or electric train ( reach FORT railway station)

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