Irukkankudi Mariamman Temple




Mariamman Temple is located in Irukkankdi, Virudhunagar District. Mariamman is the Moolavar in the temple
This happened 300 years ago between Arjuna and Vaiparu rivers. A priest – Poosari – woman filled her basket with the cow dung she gathered and was prepared to go home with the basket but could not lift it alone. She asked others to help her. They too could not lift the basket. She herself was influenced by the power of Goddess and exclaimed that Amman was under the ground where the basket was placed and ordered them to take Her out and build a temple.

The villagers found the idol of Mother Amman, built the temple and are doing the pujas. Since then, She is the deity for the villagers taking care of their welfare.

The sanctum sanctorum is under a beautiful vimana. The Artha Mandap and Maha Mandap are close to the sanctum. Sri Nandeeswara and flag post-Kodimaram are in a line. Lord Vinayaka is under the Arasa Maram. On the west are Vazha Vandha Amman and Rakachi Amman. Pechi Amman and Muppidari Amman are in separate shrines on the northwest. Kathavarayan and Vairavamurthi are in the east. Karuppusami is in southeast corner. Devotees worship all these deities and Mariamman in order.

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