Guptipara Brindaban Chandra Mandir

Vishnu & Moon



Brindavan Chandra Temple is locketd on Rathsarak, Barabazar, Guptipara, West Bengal. The temple complex at Guptipara houses four great Vaishnava Temples: Chaitanya, Brindabanchandra, Ramchandra, and Krishnachandra. The Ramchandra Temples contain many terracotta works, and all of the structures bear characteristics of the Bengal school of architecture, with carvings depicting scenes from the epics and Puranas. There are 4 precious terracotta temples in Guptipara Temple Complex. Main temple is Brindavan Chandraji’s Temple. To its left is Krishna Chandraji’s Temple and one on the right is Ramchandra Temple. Brindavan Chandra Temple houses idols of Lord Jaganath, Balaram and Subhadra. Rath Yatra is the most celebrated festival here. Idols are carried in rath (chariot) to Masir Badi (aunt’s house), Gopal Temple at Burrabazar, Guptipara, on this day. For 7 days the idols are worshiped in this temple (which I could visit, sorry no pics of that) after that the idols are brought back to the home temple, that is Brindavan Chandra Mandir. This part of the festival is called ulto rath. There are several events which the Guptiparans can celebrate: Ratha Yatra, Jagadhatri Puja, Durga Puja, Dol Yatra, Jhapan, Kali Puja & many local festivals including Guptipara Rathayatra.

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