Gadhkalika Mata Temple




This is temple of Devi Kalika. In season of Nauratsi here muncple corporation of City oragnized Mela. KALIKA MATA MANDIR-PAWAR FAMILY’S KULDAIYVAT-DHAR-MP (Dhar)
SHARAD H. PAWAR (PATIL), AT TAMSWADI TAL.PAROLA, DIST JALGAON. MAHARASTRA. This place is 1 of the most important place for every citizen of dhar.According to history this temple of godess kaali is in dhar since the time of king bhoj.The godess in the temple is kuldevi of parmar vansha.

Narayanrao Pawar (1864-1892) king of Dhar junior state. Came in power in 1864.Their is a copper plate on southern metal door of goddess Tuljabhani temple of Tuljapur stating the Kalikastotra.

Narayanrao Pawar (1864-1892) Dhar junior state created this Kalikastotra at Tuljapur and given to goddess Bhavani on 8 April 1881. He created the Durgabag Kothi in Dewas of goddess Durga is actually the temple of Tuljabhani. The clan goddess of royal Pawar clan of Dewas is Tuljabhavani. Her temple is on Kalika hills temple group.

Their clan line is Sabusingh (Sabaji or Shivaji) (mulpurush-main clan male) – Buvaji – Kaloji – Jivaji (1732 – 1775) – Anandrao – Haibatrao – Anadrao adopt (1817-1840) – Haibatrao (1840 – 1864) – Naraynrao (1864 – 1892).

In this stotra Narayanrao Pawar has praised goddess Bhavani. He says that you are joint aspect of Mahakali, Mahalaxmi and Mahasaraswati. He remembers many avatara of goddess. He doesn’t accept the statement of followers of veda that the goddess is beauty less. He states that she is Trailokyasundari.

He says that the Arbudgiri hill (mount Abu) is the birth place of his Pawar clan. He says that the mount Abu is Vedvakta, where the chanting of vedas is always running. In this area god Bramha committed yadna and a Yadnyapurush (male created from holly fire) was appeared, who is the founder of his Pawar clan. The name of this male is Parmarvarma. Parmar means Parantak, which is a degree of warrior (Veerpurush). Par means enemy, foe. Parmar or Parantak means winner of foe, enemy. Varma is a concept related to Kshyatriya.

Parmarvarma means a great male, victorious, Vikramshali, Veerpurush with power of foe, enemy winning. Parmarvarma is appeared from holly fire so he is Divyajanma means divine born and his second birth is by birth itself. Guru Vasishta orderd Parmarvarma that, “Oh greatest warrior, always worship goddess Bhadrakali in mind!” Thus by birth the Diksha of worshiping goddess Kali is given to Parmar clan. Narayanrao Pawar wants to state that our clan is fire born (Yadynasambhav). Vasishta is kulguru of this warrior clan. By the order of kulguru Parmarvarma adore goddess Bhadrakali and she gave him a Nijkhadag (diven sword) to punish the devils. Further he states that Dhar is second Pitha or site of goddess Kali.

There was a king named Jagdev happened in Pawar clan around 1095 A.D. He tried to cut his head and offered to goddess Kali of Dhar seven times and each time goddess saved him. The Bhats in Malwa area says in their poems that this incidence happened in the Sunday 1151 shuddha Chaitra month of Vikram Savant. (Gyaraso ekavane chait sudee raviwar Jagdev shis samapiyo Dhara nagar pawar ) Jagdev’s father name was Udayaditya (1059 to 1086 A.D.), who was the eleventh of total twenty four kings of great Pawar of Dhar. He had two elder brothers named Laxmandev and Narvarmdev. Jagdev was very valorous.

Most important is that he had abounded tempt for the throne of Dhar. He was chief of armies (Senapati) of famous king of Gujrath state Jaysingh from Chalukya clan. Because of excellence on battlefield he gain the faith of king Jaysingh and king Jaysingh gave (married) his daughter to Jagdev.

Finaly goddess gave place to Jagdev at her feet. May be his samadhi or shrine is still present in the area of the temple of goddess Kali of Dhar.

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