Devipatan Temple




The temple of Pateeshwari, Goddess Rathan, is located on the eastern coast of the Sariya Nalla, two kilometers away from the district of Balrampur (belonging to the Nepal border), two kilometers from Tulsipur city, which is spread across the country 51 Keeps the main place in Shakti Peetha. This is the symbolic form of Shiva and Sati’s love. Seeing his husband Mahadev’s place in the sacrifice of his father Prajapati Daksh, angry Sati gave up his life after being angry with the insult. Upset with this incident, Shiva destroyed the Sacrifice and sacrificed the body of Sati on his shoulder and started walking around in all three people, then there was a disruption in the world cycle. Then Vishnu cut the various organs of Sati-body into Sudarshan-Chakra and cut them down at different places in India. Where on earth the limbs of Sati fell, the Shaktipeeth was established there. Satti’s Left Sacral Patan Org came down here, Hence this place is famous as the goddess Patan. Here, by the command of Lord Shiva, Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath created the monastery for the worship of the Goddess first and lastly worshiped Jagjanani for a long time. Thus, this place is also Sampad Shaktipeeth as well as Yogpeeth.
The goddess of Goddess Patan gets the second name in the form of goddess Pateleeshwari. It is said that Mother Sita was saddened with Lok Kapav and sat in the lap of earth-mata here. The temple of Goddess Patelan Patalalevi is built on this pilgrimage.
There was no statue in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. In the middle there was a round silver platform, it is still under which the tunnel is covered. In the north of the temple there is a work order. Sunyutra Maharathi Karna received the education of Parurama from Dhanovarda here. According to Janushuti, bathing in this water body in the Mahabharata period, leprosy and leucoderma are cured.
The ride of Veer Ratan Nath Baba on the Navratri festival of Chaitra-month is carried out from the place called Nepal’s District Choudhara, Nepal, every year by the priests of the Math, Panchami day is brought to the court complex of Pateeshwari. By taking initiation from Shivaavtar Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath, he became famous as a Siddha Mahayogi Pir Rattanath Baba. In many parts of the country, their monasteries and temples and valleys meet today. Located in the courtyard behind the temple, Pir Ratanath was the goddess of Baba Pateshwari and every day Dang used to worship the Goddess by coming from the hard hilly paths from Nepal. Mother, once pleased, asked him to ask for boon, then Ratan Nath said, “Mother, my prayer is that I have a worship with you here.Devi said, “This will happen. From here onwards, the valley of Ratannath is maintained. Ratnarnath is worshiped in the valley from Panchami to Ekadashi. Hours and jangars are not played during this period. And the worship of the Goddess is done only by the priests of Ratannath.

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