Chandigarh Ayyappa Temple




Sree Ayyappa Temple, Chandigarh, established in the year 1991 in the twin capital of Punjab and Haryana has come up as the most famous and prominent Lord Ayyappa Temple in the northern part of our country. Sree Ayyappa Temple(Temple of Lord Ayyappa, Lord Mahaganapathi & Bhagavathi)is managed by a Governing Body “Sree Ayyappa Samajam, Chandigarh”. Main attraction is the beautiful idol of Lord Ayyappa. Apart from this, there are idols of Lord Ganapathi and Bhagavati. This temple acts as a meeting point of Tamil and Malayali communities of this area. Special pujas are performed here on every Skanda Shasti. The famous Shri Kartikeya Swami Temple is the nearby attraction. There are numerous small temples in the region worth visiting. It is with the blessings of Lord Ayyappa that the vision of a handful of aspiring Ayyappa Bhaktas in the tricity to spread the eternal truth of “Tat Tvam Asi” has been successful through this Holy place.

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