Bakreswar Saakti Peeth

Shiva & Shakti



Bakreswar Shakti Peetha, pilgrimage destination in West Bengal. Bakreswar is known as one of the 51 Sakthi Pithas of India. Bakreswar is famous for its Bakreswar temple which is dedicated to Lord Bakranath (Shiva) and Goddess Kali. The word Bakreshwar comes from the name of Lord Shiva worshipped in the locality. Bakra means bent or curved. Ishwar means God. Mythologically it is said that in Satya Yuga during the marriage ceremony of Lakshmi and Narayan, Astabakra Muni (then known as Subrata Muni) was insulted by Indra. The muni was so enraged that he developed 8 cripples in his body (Ashtabakra Muni means a sage with 8 curved cripples, probably kyphoscoliotic). Ashtabakra Muni was blessed by lord Shiva here after many years of Tapashya (meditation). This place is also famous as one of the 51 Shakti Pithas where there is a temple dedicated to Adi Shakti. This is a major pilgrimage spot for Hindus.

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